Off Out….

So heading out tonight to see the Bicep boys play the Telegraph Buildings in Belfast. Very excited to actually get inside this venue and see what its all about. Probably be the oldest swingers in town, but hey we are only here for a short time and us old ravers do know how it’s done. It’s in our veins.

Need to keep moving though as the lack of sleep last night, due to the wind and the constant banging of a gate a few doors away is trying to trick me into chilling on the sofa with a large G&T in hand .

I will resist though because tonight I’m on a promise. Not that kind you naughty people! Nope it’s from the people at Shetland Reel Gin. This Gin arrived in the post today courtesy of The Craft Gin Club. I signed up to this club over a year ago and it’s a great way to keep your gin collection topped up with fab gins from all over the world, including limited editions and gins created exclusively for the club. So anyway back to my gin of choice tonight , the very pretty Shetland Reel.

Isn’t she beautiful!!! This Citrus forward Gin is right up my street. Both red grapefruit peel and juice are the star botanicals and for me that made for a winner. It was refreshing and light. The grapefruit aroma from the glass was gorgeous. I used Schweppes 1783 Crisp Tonic as my mixer. Definitely one I could stick to all evening. As for that promise though … apparently if I add a slice of red grapefruit to my serve I should ‘Get ready to dance!’ Well tonight I’m definitely up for that. So on that note I will love you and leave you. Have a Gintastic Saturday night fellow Gin Nerds I’m off to paint my face and get the dancing shoes on.

Rachael x


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