Where to start …

At the beginning would be a good place, Eh?

After years of searching for the perfect alcoholic drink, one I loved, enjoyed and looked forward to at the end of a manic work week, a night on the tiles with the girls or a meal with the hubby,  I fell flat on my face (sometimes literally). Pils and Lime, Cider and Blackcurrant , Pernod, Southern Comfort, Black Bush and Ginger , Vodka Red Bull, Rum and Coke, Rose Wine. The list went on and on. I would chop and change as much as my underwear, trying new things every time I was out. Watching what people were having and asking for a taste.

On a night out a few years back with one of my best friends, we fell into company and someone at the table had a tall glass filled with a cloudy liquid and wedges of fresh lime. It looked really good. I asked what it was and when I was told it was Gin I recoiled and exclaimed ‘GIN, YUK’ !!

FEE0C4C0-56EE-491E-A8DE-25C980B31D56I remember tasting gin when I was in my late teens. My Aunt Marie’s favourite tipple was a G&T.  We were on a caravaning holiday in Newcastle, Co.Down, great times!!! I asked could I have a taste of her drink and I remember thinking ‘Holy shit that’s like drinking air freshener, BOKE’.

The taste of the gin on that unplanned night out with my friend led to my love of all things Gin. That glass full of Gordon’s, Sprite, freshly squeezed lime juice and lime wedges changed my opinion in a heartbeat.  Please don’t judge me, I promise I do make the move to tonic water soon after, it just took a while. In the past I compared it to drinking salt water!!!

This probably has gone on too long for an introduction. Hope my ramblings don’t put you off!!  I have wanted to get a blog up and running for a while now and hope you have enjoyed the first instalment and I can’t wait to get stuck into my my next one.

Good bye for now fellow Gin Nerds

Rachael x